2015 Books at Home Report

In 2015, the Trenton Books at Home Program distributed $5,909 worth of books to Trenton students.

The Books at Home Program provides free books to Trenton kids. Studies show that when kids have more books in their home, they do better in school—no matter how much they are struggling. You can see one such study from 2010 as published in Science Daily here http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100520213116.htm.

Books were handed out with the help of the Learning Lab of Trenton, UIH, DYFS family reading room, Ida’s neighborhood book club, PJ Hill, Green Acres and Life Gate Assembly Church.

If you would like to arrange for books to be made available to your Trenton youth group, contact me at book_cellar@mindspring.com.

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