Rites of Passage for Breast Cancer Victors






An Iyeska (spiritual interpreter), Raining Deer has a unique perspective on healing through rites of passage.  Here she recalls life-altering occurrences that prepared her for this time:

“The good ole’ days were back in the early 1990s when I first met and eventually married a Seminole Shaman who was placed in my path for a number of reasons — (1)  as a “carrier of the Medicine” (a Native American expression), it was time for certain ceremonies to be performed for me and they had to be performed by a holy person; (2) the Old Ones (Ancestors) wanted me to learn to trust myself by trusting them.  They showed me time and time again that I could.  The rituals that I participated in with my husband, African Priests and later performed myself, coupled with the faith instilled in me as a childhood AME churchgoer and later a student of al-Islam and other world religions, prepared me for what was to come in 2003 — when breast cancer reared its ugly head.”


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