Ian Gentles on Trenton and Classics Books

Singer, songwriter and Trenton native Ian Gentles wrote a song about white flight called a “Whiter Shade of Trash.”  Classics Used and Rare Books made the video!  Ian writes, in his latest blog,

I’m sure that most of it’s denizens today view Trenton simply as home. But as a white kid who spent most of his life growing up in the suburbs- a result of my own family’s participation in the ‘white flight’ migration- I was told not to go there. So I didn’t… Until recently.

A friend of mine opened a bookstore called ‘Classics’ on Warren street where the locals go to every Friday night to play Scrabble, Chess, and board games, or to simply just hang out and socialize. I’ve met some of the nicest people anywhere there, and you can’t help but wonder what the hell everyone was running from nearly half of a century ago. It proves just how devastating an emotion like fear can be.

Read the whole post and listen to the song here:  http://ianpatrickgentles.com/ianpatrickgentleshome.cfm?feature=3050597&postid=1675706

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