Bookstore People: Poets and Lawyers

This is part two in my series of cool bookstore people.  Here was installment number one.

Yusef Komunyakaa

Soft-spoken and intense, Yusef was a Classics customer for 6 months before I realized he won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1994.  I know that if I won the Pulitzer Prize, my wife would probably have to talk me out of wearing a nametag that reads “I Won the Pulitzer Prize—Ask Me How Great I Am.”  Yusef, on the other hand, might be the humblest guy I ever met, encouraging to young writers and supportive of Trenton’s literary efforts.   When at Classics he can be found unassumingly browsing the stacks, when not engaged in a quiet, earnest discussion with writers and readers.

Though Yusef teaches at New York University, he still makes time to stop in at Classics when he can.  If you can’t meet him at Classics, you should meet him through his poetry.  Start with Neon Vernacular.

My favorite Yusef quote (from Neon Vernacular):  “I am this space my body believes in.”


Mark Walter

Mark has been a Classics customer since before there was a Classics, in the New Hope forerunner–The Book Cellar.  Every Friday night, with few exceptions, Mark drives from New York City where he practices law to Trenton.  He can be found in the back playing Scrabble and cracking terrible puns, walking in the door with Citerella chocolate cake, or browsing the stacks piling up stacks and stacks of Flashman novels, travel books, books about New York, Time and Again and Modesty Blaise, all of which he will share with Scrabble players and other customers. 

In addition to sharing books and chocolate cake, Mark is also happy to share stories about his father, the famed New York pianist Cy Walter.  A friendship struck at Classics with Richard Behrens led to the creation of a fantastic website in his father’s honor.  You should visit it here:

Mark is one of the most generous and genuinely warm people in the world and we are richer for knowing him.

A memorable Mark quote: “Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal? He wanted to transcend dental medication.”

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