Bookstore People: Poets and Councilwomen

This is part five in my series of cool bookstore people.  Links to the other installments can be found below.

Kenyaa Bullock is a 15 year old student at Trenton High and is a member of two Trenton poetry groups: The Pride and Dreams to Reality.  She comes to Classics every month for the Capital City Open Mic.   You can learn more about Kenyaa’s poetry at

A great Kenyaa poem:

I am stuck in this place where all that I can taste is salt
and all that I can see is black.

My black hole has my life trapped.
Infirm from the distress.
If my heart has been purloined then what’s left?

I’m not too sure of what to believe
so I inhale the bullshit and exhale my self-esteem.

My dark hole slays and I remain recumbent because my dark hole is taking over my soul.
My emotions began to pile up
because the one that saved me from this black hole once won’t do it again.

So hypnotized from all the bullshit lies that these used to be real eyes cannot realize real lies.

So I pour up …drink.
More shots … drink.
The liquor can help block my brain so I won’t…think.
My dark hole has taken my soul.


Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson has been a great friend to Classics.  When business fees went up 600% on Trenton businesses in the middle of a recession, she stepped to the plate and resolved the issue.  She has supported businesses by hosting downtown Social Club events, championing a Buy Local initiative, and serving on the board of the Trenton Downtown Association.  She is also a passionate advocate for kids in Trenton and an ongoing supporter of the  Books at Home Program.

You can learn more about Marge at


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