Ten Dollar Bills and Other Unexpected Reasons to Buy Books

Bonnye Jean R (from Trenton) bought a book (White Teeth by Zadie Smith)  at Classics Books that had $10 inside.  The book cost about $6, so she made a profit!  She seems to come by Classics more often since then.

Jess Raven G (from Philadelphia) confesses to buying books because they smell right.

A customer (who has requested she remain unnamed) bought three books because her Kindle fell and broke before she finished them.

Mark W (from NYC) buys books as gifts–and also is a conduit for book donations to Classics from his friends.  He has bought books as gifts for friends because it seems exactly like I book they would own–because they once were books that they owned (and gave away to Classics).

When the store was in New Hope, I had a customer buy a stack of books so he could make them into desk lamps.

Josie H (from Trenton) buys expensive leather-bound books and sends them to an artist who hollows them out so her Kindle can fit inside.  Josie wants her Kindle to have that “real book feel.”

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