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Video Contest and a Reward for People who Support Independent Authors


Please help judge these videos!

Eight creative geniuses created videos about Classics Books. They are competing for prizes. Please check them out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQEC6b-tb4KIB6VEXeSbCkw under the CONTEST playlist and “like” the ones you like. The video with the most likes (on the Classics channel) wins prizes!


Help Classics support local authors!  Buy 4 books by Classics authors from Classics in 2017 and get a $20 gift certificate for used and rare books at Classics!  Reply to this email for a complete list.

Print Books vs. EBooks–the Result

Three years ago, in 2011, I wrote a blog post about how independent bookstores were not going to be crushed by the eBook. Here’s the blog for proof. http://www.classicsusedbooks.com/?p=474

In the three years that passed, sales at independent bookstores (selling real physical books) grew about 8 percent a year for three years running while eBook sales have leveled off at about 33% off the market (outsold by both hard covers and paperbacks).

In that blog, I reasoned that cries of disaster were just Chicken Little alarms and listed the sorts of book lovers that would never leave real books for eBooks. Here’s that link again in case you forgot to check it out when I gave it to you in the first paragraph. http://www.classicsusedbooks.com/?p=474

In addition to the reasons I gave three years ago, here’s another reason eBooks have leveled off in their appeal. While they have some great things going for them (it’s easier to carry 150 books in digital format, for example), EBooks have turned out to be not as cheap as promised. First you aren’t going to buy a best seller for 99 cents. Second, the cost of the machine (and its upgrades) has to be factored into the cost. If you only read a handful of books a year, real books (especially used books) are far cheaper. If you read lots of books, you are more likely to fall into the categories of people who love physical books, like to browse books and like to belong to a community of readers—all people who love their real books.

Here’s some other people’s thoughts on the subject:

Print Books vs. E Books


Independent stores vs. Amazon




Why Used Books Are The Best

Classics customers know why used books are the best.  They are half price and cheaper (no $34 hard-backed mystery novels), they are good for the environment (how many stores sell almost all recycled goods?) and they are good for the community (coming, as used books are, wrapped in used bookstores–which are more likely to encourage local authors, literacy programs, poetry jams, games nights, book clubs, knitting groups and hanging out with your neighbors).

In addtion, used bookstores are that sexy, dishevelled neighbor who actually wants to talk to you over a cup of coffee, rather than that uptight car salesman who wants your $30 and get out of his face.

Huffington Post has a list of 13 reasons you should always buy used books.  You can read it here.



June 8th: Trenton Books at Home Fundraiser

with Narubi Seelah, Wenonah Brooks, Esther DeCew, Daniel Robinson, Annabelle Quezada, La Shea Delaney

Hosted by Darren Freedom Green.

Saturday, June 8. 12 to 6 pm.

Support the Trenton Books at Home Program, which provides FREE books for Trenton kids.

Performing will be

  • 12 noon: jazz diva Wenonah Brooks
  • 2 pm: HBO Def Poet Narubi Seelah
  • 3 pm: world-class origami whiz Daniel Robinson
  • 5 pm: performers Annabelle Quezada and La Shea Delaney
  • 6 pm: belly dancer Esther DeCew

Donations to the Books at Home program are encouraged.

Learn about the Books at Home Program here: http://www.classicsusedbooks.com/?page_id=13


Can bookstores save eBooks and Amazon?

Marketer Penny Sansevieri makes an intriquing argument about the importance of bookstores, not just to the community, but to authors, both eBook and print, to Amazon’s publishing business, and to traditional publishing houses.   Read more.

This Book Will Change Your Life

Alison Hill, President of Vroman’s Bookstore, wrote an essay for the Huffington Post about the power of brick-and-mortar bookstores.

At one point she counts the people in her bookstore reading, listening to a new author, participating in a book club.  “It is in these moments,” she writes, “that I am awed by the role a bookstore plays in a community, a feeling made even more awesome by the realization that today we sold 1,087 books, any one of which could change a life.”

To read the whole essay, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/allison-hill/bookstores_b_2808396.html




B*tches in Bookshops

My new reading / bookstore anthem! 

Performed by La Shea Delaney & Annabelle Quezada.  Director/Producer/Songwriter – Annabelle Quezada

“I read so hard, libraries try to FINE me.”

“You use a Kindle?/ I carry spines/ supporting bookshops like a bra/ Calvin Klein.”

Click http://youtu.be/EQiEJk-o5WA.