Bookstore People: Poets and Congressmen

Doc Long

Doughtry (Doc) Long is a fantastic poet who exudes integrity and charm.  Trentonians know him best as the long-running teacher of literature and creative writing at Trenton Central.  The world knows him as the Geraldine R Dodge grant winning poet and author of Timbuktu Blues and Rules for Cool.   Classics customers know him from poetry readings at the store when he brought along his own jazz band as back up or his discussions of being in the early Peace Corp.  The universe knows him best as a man who can shape the world around him with his words and lifts up the students who were lucky enough to have him as a teacher.

Favorite Doc Long quotes (also can be found in Rules for Cool).  “Be into deep heavy stuff and carry large intelligent words around in the same pocket with your money” and “know that blasé blasé woof, woof, woof at the right time and place is sacred.”

Timbuktu Blues and Rules for Cool are available at Classics.


Rush Holt

“My Congressman is a Rocket Scientist” is the bumper sticker.  And it is true.  Rush is a rocket scientists who was a five time Jeopardy champion (back when five was the limit) and beat the computer designed to be a trivia champion.  His constituents have no fear that they are sending a man to congress who is intelligent and has a memory for important detail.  On top of that, Rush is a genuinely good guy who remembers birthdays and gets his hair cut on Warren Street by Joey Festa.   When he is at Classics, you can find him talking with folks in the stacks or piling up on his reading.