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In case you haven’t been able to make it in the Classics lately, here’s what you may have missed.

16 of the best Scrabble players in the area met at the 14th Annual Classics Scrabble Invitational.  Megan Iurilli reclaimed her crown as Grand Champion, Sarah Ohls came inches of winning her third Championship and Arthur Iurilli went from being a seat filler to coming in third.

Classics Open Mic comedian McKelle Kellz Barksdale went to Florida and won the 2014 Winter Shine Overall Standup Comedian. Says Kellz “I started in a bookstore with 13 people. If that isn’t a Testament to following what God puts on your heart I don’t know what is!!!”  Guess what bookstore he was talking about?

Classics Open Mic musician Quincy Stallworth video performing one Saturday.

Shoppers at Target had hackers steal data from up to 40 million credit and debit cards during the first three weeks of the holiday season.  Shoppers at Classics Books & Gifts had no data stolen.  Shop local!

Megan Iurilli

Lucky 13th Classics Scrabble Invitational

For the first time in its new location at 4 West Lafayette Street in downtown Trenton, Classics held its 13th Annual Scrabble Invitational, where the top 16 players from 2012 met to battle it out for the title of Grand Champion!

After a rousing America the Beautiful, non-lip synched by Trentonian Cherry Oakley (as befits all great sporting events), and after 5 consecutive rounds of play, the winner was determined.  Last year’s Grand Champion, Trentonian Megan Iurilli and number-one seed, Trentonian Eric Maywar, failed to make the final four.

The winners were

  • Tim Walker in 4th Place
  • 2-time Grand Champion Bruce Gross in 3rd Place.
  • 4-time Grand Champion Daniel Robinson in 2nd Place
  • and the 2012/1013 and Current Grand Champion is Barbara Keogh

Scrabble is played at Classics every Friday from 6:30 to midnight at 4 West Lafayette.  All skill levels are welcome.


Bookstore People: Scrabblers and Playwrites

This is part three in my series of cool bookstore people.  Links to the other installments can be found below.

Megan Iurilli

Megan is one of the most competitive Scrabble players at Classics’ Friday nights and is the 2011-2012 Trenton Club Grand Champion.   

Megan is fun.  For her birthday, she had business cards printed up that announced it was her birthday and handed them out to friends and strangers alike.   She always has interesting stories that turn everyday occurrences like dropping her bottle of soda under her car into hysterical monologues that sound like Greek tragedies on crack.  And then there is her infectious, breath-catching laugh.  Click here to experience it:

Follow her blog at

My favorite Megan quote “Dear Bartender, Last time I checked the main liquor in a whiskey sour is indeed whiskey, not amaretto. On a side note, you make a mean amaretto sour.”

David White

David is the Associate Artistic Director of Community Programming at Passage Theatre.  He runs their youth theatre programs and coordinates the playwriters workshops, as well as writing and acting. 

Bookwise, David is a fan of turn-of-the-century mysteries.  All the contemporaries of Sherlock Holmes you haven’t heard of, David has.  He particularly likes the sociopathic killer, Fantomas and is the author of Fantomas in America, where the master of terror continues his one man crime wave.

Because David’s FaceBook statuses are like a Steven Wright marathon, it’s impossible to pick a favorite.  Here’s a sample: “Just got back from a Fall festival where families were making their own scarecrows. Nick was a little disconcerted. Perhaps because to a two-year old it kind of looks like dozens of crazy, laughing families attacking people while they’re sleeping and stuffing them with straw.”

Earlier installments of Bookstore People

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God Blesses Sexy Geeks! or, Top Ten Reasons to Visit Classics Used and Rare Books

#10.  Earthquake proof!

#9.  Click here for reason #9.

#8.  You can buy those leather books to carve out a case for your Kindle, giving it a real book feel!

#7.  We are keeping the last remaining Borders Bookstore in the back of Classics in a jar for you to visit for old times sake.

#6.  Zyzzyvas!

#5.  Click here for reason #5.

#4.  God blesses sexy geeks!  (Tanya Ray)

#3.  “I loved Classics because it was a place where I could knit and play Scrabble, and then one day I noticed it was also full of used books.  What more could one want?”  (Mary Allen)

#2.  The only place to learn about Jack the Ripper’s and his incredible piano tuning skills.  (Megan Iurilli)

#1.  Unlike its New Hope location, it is not 6 feet under water!