The 2012 Scrabble Invitational Tournament

The sixteen best Scrabble-players met at Classics Used and Rare Books on Sunday February 12th to determine who was the greatest in the bookstore’s annual tournament. 

As with all great sporting events, the day started off with the National Anthem sung by Trentonian Cherry Oakley.  Then the sixteen players sat down to play two qualifying matches.  See a picture of three of the four tables of the qualifying round below.

The four people with the highest scores moved on to the final table:  Pennsylvanian Bruce Gross, Trentonian Megan Iurilli, Trentonian Eric Maywar and New Yorker Mark Walter.

At the final table, three games were played, each eliminating the lowest scoring player.  First Mark Walter fell, then Bruce Gross, leaving the two Trentonians Eric Maywar and Megan Iurilli in the final match. 

In the middle of the match, Maywar had 3 minutes of empty brain, focusing too long on an unplayable bingo and words he knew were illegal, causing him to run out of time and miss a turn.  See him in the final moments of the match in the picture below, surrounded by onlookers. 

Iurilli never let up, consistant pounding Maywar with high scoring plays and deftly playing her way out of terrible racks (like having four “o” tiles at once).   See her focus in the picture below.

The final score was Iurilli 400 to Maywar 391.

Iurilli takes the title from Penningtonian Dan Robinson, four time champion, who did not play this year.

All photos were taken by Michael Mancuso.  See all the photos Michael took, including the winning gameboard, at

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