Neighborhood News April 2013

Settimo Cielo Delivers

Hidden Trenton’s Best Restaurant in Trenton, Settimo Cielo, now delivers!  BUT only if you are at Classics on a Friday night (6 pm to 10 pm)!  It is great when a guy in a tuxedo shows up and gives the Scrabble club a little class.

Read the New York Times review of Settimo Cielo here:

New Lunch Buffett

Chef Damon at the Archives Restaurant has a new lunch buffet with a resigned garden salad bar across the street from Classics (weekdays 12 noon to 2pm).

Mystery Neighbor

The windows of Classics old location on Warren Street is now papered over as if work is being done inside.  Here’s hoping for a Michelle Lorrie’s cheesecake!

Photograph by Scott Miller
Photograph by Scott Miller